Novare Chemistry Supplement


A booklet of introductory physics concepts needed by students in advance of using Chemistry for Accelerated Students.

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This booklet is only for those preparing to use Chemistry for Accelerated Students. It is not needed for General Chemistry.

We understand that many students are coming to the Novare chemistry curriculum following Biology. This is the traditional sequence in most schools. But the Novare course sequence, designed to improve science education generally, places a physics or physical science course at the 9th grade level due to the pedagogical advantages this creates for students. Chemistry for Accelerated Students begins where a basic physics course leaves off.

But what about those students who haven’t had this material?

This booklet has been created to help those students who are ready for an accelerated chemistry course, but lack a handful of physics concepts that Chemistry for Accelerated Students does not cover. The physics topics below are presented in brief form to bring such students quickly up to speed so that the real chemistry course can start. Accelerated students should be able to apprehend this material in a couple of weeks, or during the summer in preparation for a course using Chemistry for Accelerated Students.

Topics included:

Unit Conversions
SI Units
Metric Prefixes
Significant Digits
Scientific Notation
Atomic Theory Prior to Neils Bohr
Types of Substances
Physical and Chemical Properties
The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Potential and Kinetic Energy

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