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Updated 4/22/19

Thank you for your interest in this forthcoming book!

Production of the book is underway and making good progress. We are working as quickly as we can, but the final textbook will not be complete in time for the coming school year. The expected publication date this book in its final, hardback form will be Summer 2020.

However, because of the overwhelming interest already expressed, we will offer a “Beta Program” for those who wish to participate.

The beta version of the text will be a softcover edition. It will contain the entire book in full color, including chapter exercises, but will not include an index or glossary. Neither will it have undergone the extensive editing process that all Novare textbooks receive; the final version will have extensive edits, corrections and updates.

Participants in the Beta Program will purchase both the beta version and the final version together upfront, plus shipping costs for both. When the final hardback is complete, it will immediately be shipped. The cost for the beta version will be only our cost, which is unknown at this time, but less than $20. The final hardback cost is $95.

Eventually there will be a resource CD and an experiment manual. Initially, we will provide enough quizzes and tests and experiments to get started with the year, and then the rest will be issued in the following weeks.

Read our FAQ on how we approach the subject of evolution.

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