Earth Science: God’s World Our Home Resource CD


This Resource CD for Earth Science: God’s World, Our Home includes quizzes, exams, answer keys, instructions for 8 experiments, weekly review guides, and more

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This Resource CD for Earth Science: God’s World, Our Home includes documents to help the teacher conduct class. For this text, all supplemental materials are hereā€”no other resource are necessary. On the CD you will find:

  • Weekly quizzes
  • Weekly Review Guides
  • Instructions for 8 experiments
  • Fall and Spring semester exams
  • Answer keys to all computation questions on quizzes and tests
  • Sample answers to verbal questions
  • Recommendations for teaching Earth Science

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The CD is compatible with both Mac and PC. For electronic download, please contact our office at with your order information.

Experiments on the CD

  1. Interpreting Topographics Maps – examine features of a U.S. Geological Survey topographic map of the Mt. Shasta area, construct topographic profiles
  2. Identifying Minerals – use luster, hardness, color, streak and other properties to identify mineral samples
  3. Identifying Rocks – use various tests including visual, break and HCl tests to identify rock types
  4. Studying Volcanoes with Topo Maps – study features of volcanos in Hawaii, Sitka, Alaska, and Sunset Crater East in Arizona
  5. Modeling Weathering – model transport of mineral grains using sugar cubes in a container, model chemical weathering when grain size is small, model the effect of temperature on the rate of weathering.
  6. The Stream Table –  use a stream table to model stream flow and erosion
  7. Studying Glaciers with Topo Maps – examine two topographic maps showing landforms created by alpine glaciers, and two showing landforms created by continental ice sheets
  8. Weather Maps – interpret station models, isobars, fronts, and pressure systems to understand the current weather, and then make a few basic analog weather forecasts

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