Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry (ASPC)

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Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry (ASPC) is an excellent course for 9th grade students who want a challenging text to give them a strong foundation upon which to build their high school science experience. ASPC is a physical science text intended for accelerated 9th grade students who have already completed Algebra I. Like all Novare texts, ASPC integrates history, mathematics, and technical communication skills in a compact volume with aesthetically-mature graphics and lucid, grade-level prose.

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The 2nd Edition of this text will be published in Spring/Summer 2018.
At that time the remaining first edition will be discounted until they are sold out.
This will be a major overhaul of the text, which means 1st and 2nd editions could not be easily used in the same classroom. 

ASPC is an ideal first science course designed for honors-level or accelerated high school students.

This course is similar to an IPC course but goes deeper into topics so that students get a solid introduction to the skills, concepts, and methods of scientific study specifically pertaining to physics and chemistry. It also includes mathematical problems as well as verbal exercises.

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Energy, work, Newton’s Laws of Motion, substances, electrical circuits, the atomic model, the periodic table, atomic bonding, and other subjects can be closely investigated with Algebra I proficiency. (We recommend ASPC for students who have completed Algebra I, typically in 8th grade.)

A clear objectives list, tasteful graphical format, and lucid narrative a features that characterize all Novare textbooks.

In the spirit of “drawing students upward into the adult world of science,” our lab experiments emphasize method and skills used in real science labs. Scientific notation, metric prefixes, unit conversions, and the writing of lab reports are essential skills that students will thoroughly learn in this text.

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