Attention Rule Followers!

Your hang-up is ruining your kid’s science experiments by Jeffrey Mays Let’s face it. Many homeschooling parents (and classroom teachers) are consummate rule followers. After all, stable society is built on rules, right? The rule of law, and so on? Without rules, we descend into beasts. And we exemplify rule following if for no other Read More…

A Brief History of the B-C-P Sequence

By Jeffrey Mays Biology. Chemistry. Physics. It is by far the most common sequence of science courses in high schools, and has been the default program in American high school education for several decades. But the B-C-P sequence has been the subject of criticism from many educators and scientists for over a century. In our time when Read More…

Books and Chalkboard

Implementation Tips for Novare Textbooks

1) Implementation Tips for Novare Textbooks – Are you maximizing the benefits of the text? Here’s some tips you’ll want to know.  2) What is the thinking behind the structure of Novare Physical Science? –  Much consideration went into the structure of this text.