Recommended Science and Math Sequence

We frequently get asked if we have a recommended sequence for science courses that corresponds to our textbook publication, as well as which math class best suits each science class.

For a full discussion of science and math sequencing, please read our September 2013 Newsletter article, Sequencing the Upper School Science and Math Curriculum which gives a thorough explanation and rationale behind our recommended sequence for 9 through 12th grade, including the “Physics First” concept.

Please be aware that Novare texts are adaptable to other grade-levels than the ones in this chart.Introductory Physics, for example, is adaptable to 10th or 11th grade.

 Items in italics are current Novare titles.

Novare middle school texts  can be used in either 7th or 8th grade without great concern about sequencing. But we suggest using Novare Physical Science in 7th grade and Earth Science: God’s World, Our Home in 8th.

Recommended Science and Math Sequence


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