All Novare Science & Math textbooks (except Earth Science, which will Smart-Ebook-Interfaceappear next year) are now available in E-book form through VitalSource using their free Bookshelf application.

Bookshelf works on Mac and PC, Android, Kindle and iPhone platforms. You can also view books through a standard browser without installing the app. Standard ebook features are available such as highlighting, sticky notes, bookmarks and more.

You can choose to activate more than one device on which to read your book, so, say you usually read on your tablet, but occasionally you want to read on a computer or mobile phone. Install Bookshelf on up to two computers and two mobile devices for convenience of reading.

How does it work?

  1. Call Novare Science & Math to place your order (sorry online ordering is not available for ebooks). Specify how long you need the license (1-5 years). We will send you a license key by email.
  2. Go to the VitalSource website and create an account.
  3. Download and install the “Bookshelf” app for your computer or mobile device. Alternately, access your book through your browser.
  4. In the menus, select Redeem Code. Enter the license key.

Our ebooks range in price from $30 to $42 for a single-year license. Up to 5-year licenses are available without renewal.