Dr. Chris Mack, Adjunct Faculty, University of Texas, CTO of Fractilia, LLC (PhD Chemical Engineering, MS Electrical Engineering, BS Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering)

Chris Corley, Department Chair, Regents School of Austin (MS Computer Science, BS Geophysics)

Dr. Christina Swan, Chemistry Teacher, Regents School of Austin (PhD Molecular Pathology,  BS Biology)

Cathy Waldo, Science and Mathematics Teacher, Regents School of Austin (BS Physics)

Dr. Steven K. Mittwede, Earth Science & Theology Teacher, Covenant Classical School, Ft. Worth, Texas (PhD Geology, MS Geology, BS Geology, EdS Educational Leadership, MTh Modern Evangelical Theology, MA Intercultural Studies)

Dr. Ron J. DeHaas, Consulting Petroleum Geologist, Michigan Basin and CEO, Covenant Eyes, Inc. (PhD Geology, MS Geology, BS Geology)

Dr Jorge Munoz-Burgos, Physics Teacher, Horizon Preparatory School, Rancho Santa Fe, CA recently returned from position as Associated Research Scientist, department of Physics & Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University, on assignment at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton NJ. (PhD Atomic and Plasma Physics, MS Physics and Space Sciences, MS Electrical Engineering, BS Electrical Engineering and Communication Systems)

Dr. William Howard, VP Engineering, JP3 Measurement, Austin TX (PhD Physics, BS Physics)

Note: Not every reviewer reviews every book.