Chemistry for Accelerated Students

John D. Mays

Chemistry for Accelerated Students is an ideal text for strong students who aspire to a STEM-oriented college program, or who just love science. This book contains up-to-date examples, fascinating illustrations, and lucid narrative.

This accelerated text is a more intense treatment that gives students a deeper exposure to the essential topics of high school chemistry.

Chemistry for Accelerated Students is recommended for students who are concurrently enrolled in Algebra II due to the appearance of logarithm calculations when studying pH values.

Companion Resources for Chemistry for Accelerated Students

CAS Resource CD Chemistry for Accelerated Students: Resource CD includes chapter tests, answer keys and other resources.
CAS Solutions Manual Chemistry for Accelerated Students: Solutions Manual – for worked-out answers to all calculation problems.
CEHS Chemistry Experiments for High School contains complete instructions and materials lists for 20 experiments.
CEHSH Chemistry Experiments for High School at Home for environments that do not have access to a laboratory.
SLRH The Student Lab Report Handbook, a concise guide to writing premier lab reports for high school and undergraduate studies.
chemistry-supplement The Novare Chemistry Supplement. A 26-page supplement briefly explaining basic physics concepts needed to start this chemistry text.

Chemistry logically follows physics. In other words, the concepts learned in an introductory physics course form a natural foundation for the study of chemistry. However, the book can accommodate any high school science sequence. Consider using the Novare Chemistry Supplement in advance of starting this text if your students have not had physics already.

Chemistry for Accelerated Students is a perfect follow-up for students who have used Novare’s book titled ASPC the previous year. This book begins where ASPC leaves off. Concepts such as energy, heat transfer, substances, chemical bonding, and the atomic model should already be familiar before using this text.

Employing the same standards of quality and philosophy of textbook design, this text exemplifies the Novare principles of Mastery, Integration and Kingdom Perspective. Lucid and concise explanation are a trademark of Novare curriculum. This means that the student must read closely; there is very little fluff. But the benefit of this approach is that our texts are smaller than the heavy tomes that students know so well. It also means that the student’s engagement with the narrator is more focused and enables more solid learning.

The mastery-learning paradigm is present in the design of problems sets and quizzes and tests. Key concepts from previous chapters appear repeatedly throughout the year so students re-encounter and therefore retain course content.

We believe that proper science education includes more than just knowing scientific facts. We integrate history, mathematics, communications, examples from the humanities and even a little philosophy along the way so that students gain a holistic view of the subject.

A knowledge of the key figures from history no only enrich the subject matter but give students a clearer awareness of the scientific process. Objectives lists at the beginning of each chapter give students a clear idea of expectations.

Finally, our books are written from the perspective that great Christian scientists of the past took. Observations about the beauty and order of the created world appear in appropriate places throughout the book. We present a Christian worldview by doing good science, using our minds to God’s glory, and fostering Christian stewardship and spiritual maturity in the text.

Chemistry for Accelerated Students


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